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Thank-you, dear Contributors,
for making a difference in the world
with your support for
the Birmingham Music Club mission: 
Presenting high-quality
musical experiences
for audiences and artists alike
across the generations
From the creators, composers, and producers,
who love to present our work,
and from audiences of all ages, who are inspired and delighted!
From students who learn while enjoying,
and teachers, chaperons and bus drivers who know it's all worthwhile,
From the musicians and the singers,
the actors, and the dancers,
theatrical directors & music directors,
and the lighting, sound, & costume designers,
who have put years of love into perfecting our artforms,
From the stage managers & crew members,
the graphic artists, and the printers,
the ticketing managers & box office staff,
the house managers & the ushers,
the hospitality providers, and
those of us who keep everything clean & nice,
and all the unseen others who benefit from your gift!
Dear Contributors, just like you,
we believe in in the transformative power of Music.
We all believe in what we are doing,
 and we are all doing what we can. 
But we could not do it without you, Dear Contributors - no, not at all!
So we thank you, sincerely, for making it all possible.
Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!



Make your secure donation here via PayPal.
Just click on the DONATE button!

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Birmingham Music Club
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All contributions are tax deductible.
The Birmingham Music Club is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.

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